Gimme! Got It! is a Facebook application that allows you to create wishlists, share them with your friends, and get the stuff you actually want. You can also browse your friend's profiles and, if you decide to get them a present, you can notify them through our Give & Tell or Give Secretly features.


Gimme! Got It! was built by a startup software development and consulting company called Clickbox Software, Inc., based out of Toronto, Canada.


As we delved into the waters of Web 2.0, we wanted to build a proper Facebook application that actually did something, and that also supported our core corporate motto: Click Happy™.
So, that's our promise to you:
Try Gimme! Got It!—You'll Click Happier.


Actually, Gimme! Got It! is a pretty neat piece of technology. It uses some of the latest Web 2.0 technology to create a cutting-edge, seamless mashup of various e-commerce sites within the comfort of Facebook, all with the single purpose of helping you stop getting crappy gifts.


Gimme! Got It! is currently under Beta development and is available only on Facebook. However, if we hear there's enough interest, we'll take GiGoIt to other social networks.
Its up to you really... so, go sign up!